Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions

At Icon Electromatic, we operate with our Sales, Marketing and Operations team from our base in India.

With our expertise and understanding of these ecosystems, we engage in providing not only Electronic & RF components from global leaders but also design services for high performance MMICs and modules that find their applications in Telecom, Optics, IoT, Aerospace & Defence Industries. We have established ourselves by providing customers in every sector of technology with a design-in support and sales service of the highest level to accelerate their product developments.

Icon provides Business Consultancy Solutions and ensures cost-effective, time-to-market solutions through our highly motivated workforce, driven by strong design principles, highest levels of quality and ethical business practices. Seamlessly integrating precision and ingenuity, ICON Electromatic’s abilities stem from our creative leadership in hard-core technology and strength in technology partnership. Augmenting these capabilities is our expertise across our practice areas to provide point services and end-to-end solutions across the product life cycle

Products and Applications

RF & MW components


• High-Frequency Circuit Material
• Embedded Resistors
• Embedded Capacitors
• RF Absorbers
• RF /MW Cable assemblies
• Drop-in Isolators & Circulators
• Microstrip Isolators & Circulators
• Surface-mount Isolators /Circulators
• Coaxial Isolators /Circulators
• Waveguide Isolators /Circulators
• Fixed Attenuator Pads
• Beam Lead Capacitors
• Binary Capacitors
• MIS Capacitors
• Lange Couplers
• Diode Submounts
• Filters
• Mounting Substrates
• Spiral Inductor Coils
• Shims
• Resistors
• Standoff Capacitors
• Transmission Lines
• Thin Film Circuits
• Thermal Heat Spreaders

• Bond Pull Coupons
• Power Dividers/ Combiners
• RF Limiters
• Adapters
• Attenuators
• Bias Tees
• Couplers
• DC Blocks
• Equalizers
• Frequency Mixer
• Frequency Multiplier
• Impedance Matching pads
• Modulators / Demodulators
• Oscillators
• Phase detectors
• Phase shifters
• Power detectors
• Power splitters / Combiners
• 90⁰/180⁰ Hybrids
• RF Chokes
• Switches
• Synthesizers
• Terminations
• Transformers and Baluns
• Waveguides

Active components

•  Amplifiers
• GaAs MMIcs
• GaN discrete
• Si Core ICs (Beamforming Chip )
• Active Antenna ASICs
• mmW Front End ICs
• RF Switches
• RF Limiters
• Integrated switch limiter
• Switch Matrices
• PIN Diodes
• Beam Lead PIN Diodes
• Limiter Diodes
• Step Recovery Diodes
• Point Contact Diodes
• Schottky Diodes
• Schottky Barrier Bridge Quads
• Schottky Barrier Ring Quads
• Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diodes
• Sampling Phase Detectors
• Low Noise Amplifier
• Power Amp
• GaN Transistors
• GaAs FET Switches
• Digital Step Attenuator


• Custom MMIC design from RF to mm-wave
• Comprehensive GaN and GaAs expertise
• High-frequency modules and packaging
• Innovative design for highest performance.
• Components, Super components, Plug-in cards
• ODUs, IDUs, Front ends, T/R modules, Receivers, Transmitters, Exciters, Synthesizers


• TR Modules
• Active Antenna Array
• Wideband Phase Shifters
• High Power IFF Phase Shifters
• Wideband tuners
• millimetre-wave Digital Radios
• Radar Front Ends
• Broadband Receivers
• Custom Integrated Assemblies  


• High Voltage Power Supply
• Thermal Imagers & Surveillance Systems
• Perimeter and territory security systems
• Test Solutions