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Rogers Corporation

empowers innovation and breakthroughs in reliability, efficiency and performance of specialty applications. With advanced materials, application knowledge, global resources, co-engineering and design collaboration, their team provides solutions to enable technology for a cleaner, safer and more connected world.
Rogers is an agile and reliable partner, progressing in line with rapid technology development. Their advanced materials serve customer needs for a wide range of industries including Automotive & EV/HEV, Aerospace & Defense, Portable Electronics, Wireless Infrastructure, Wired Infrastructure


SemiGen is a full service microwave solutions company that provides advanced microwave assembly, products and services to augment your manufacturing and design goals. SemiGen integrates with your team to manage, deploy and deliver needed requirements utilizing modern manufacturing equipment and technology that meet today’s demanding quality requirements. By investing in the latest high-frequency design, assembly and test equipment, developing our own high-quality semiconductor, passive device and thin film capabilities, and by stocking and distributing the best bonding tools and supplies, we support your teams success. Contact us, and let’s get ahead of your delivery challenges today.

Quantic Ticer

Quantic Ticer manufactures high-performance, thin-film embedded resistor copper foil for digital and RF printed circuit boards.

Quantic Ticer’s next-generation technology for embedded resistors is uniquely suited to meet the challenges posed by new designs, materials and increased performance requirements – such as high- frequency response and form-factor reduction – for current and future electronic packages. Enhanced by the capability and reliability of TCR® family of products, Quantic Ticer’s solutions utilize the latest in advanced laminate systems.


Pioneering the mmW revolution, they are a fabless semiconductor company providing highly integrated silicon core IC solutions and silicon front ends for mmW markets.
From IC to array. Anokiwave enables your mmW system. Their products include mmW Si core ICs, Active Antenna ICs, and mmW Front End ICs. Anokiwave places all requisite functions for Active Antennas on small silicon ICs within the radiating element lattice of the Active Antenna, enabling low-profile planar solutions for commercial 5G, RADAR, and SATCOM markets.

Renaissance Electronics & Communications

Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary HXI LLC provide RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave solutions for Military and Commercial Applications. With products ranging from high reliability components to integrated transceivers, our team will exceed your requirements and expectations.
Provide RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave solutions for Military and Commercial Applications. Products ranging from high reliability components to integrated transceivers, Isolator, Circulator, switches, switch matrices, LNA, PA, Multipliers


HXI LLC , a subsidiary of Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC, is a leading supplier of millimeter-wave products, including point-to-point radio links, transceivers for radars and communications systems, plus a wide range of component-level products up to 110 GHz. Among our component products are LNAs, power amplifiers, mixers and upconverters, frequency multipliers, switches, detectors, oscillators and isolators/circulators.

HXI was originally founded to provide 60 GHz radio links for the Japanese and American markets. HXI’s understanding and knowledge of FMCW and pulsed radars makes it possible for us to work closely with radar signal processing providers or directly with customers that have a basic functional need for a radar/sensor


Founded by industry veterans in 2014 to provide RF & Microwave products designed, developed, and manufactured within Asia targeting a global clientele of OEMs. Offer cutting edge, world class RF & Microwave products from the world’s most customer friendly business environment. “”No hassles, no bureaucratic headaches, no twenty questions.”” Just fast, polite customer service and an ironclad customer satisfaction guarantee.

RFuW Engineering’s founders have over 50 years RF & MW business experience and understand what the customer values: Performance, Quality, Price & Reliable Service

Mini Circuits and Ball Aerospace

Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of RF and microwave components and integrated assemblies. Mini-Circuits offers 27 product lines comprising over 10,000 active models, their products are used widely in commercial, industrial, and military applications including: cellular wireless, aerospace, satellite, Mil-Spec, CATV/Broadband, RFID, test instrumentation, diagnostic imaging and many more.

Ball Aerospace

Ball Aerospace pioneers discoveries that enable our customers to perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most. Founded at the dawn of the space age as a subsidiary of Ball Corporation, we have built on our legacy of integrity, technical expertise and value to help customers Go Beyond – across solutions, partnerships and opportunities, both today and tomorrow. Our AIRLINK® aeronautical system antennas provide commercial and government users reliable, affordable and secure inflight connectivity. AIRLINK® antenna systems cover L-, X-, Ku- and Ka-Band spectrums.

Ball has developed AIRLINK® Ku-100 and Ka-100 solutions that bring the power of planar phased arrays to today’s SATCOM challenges. The planar phased array designs deliver low profile, high bandwidth capability to mobile platforms communicating with High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO). The terminals advanced electronic beam steering eliminates mechanical moving parts, enabling the next generation Low Earth Orbit/Medium Earth Orbit (LEO/MEO) constellations.